Hydraulic tube storage is critical for suppliers and consumers. As a professional hydraulic pipe manufacturer, our company’s partners have experienced the painful case of being scratched and scrapped and losing tens of thousands of dollars due to improper storage of hydraulic pipes. In order to let everyone not repeat the same mistakes, as a responsible hydraulic pipe manufacturer, I will introduce you to the precautions for storage of hydraulic pipes.

  1. The storage location of the upper and lower hydraulic pipes should be kept clean and ventilated. The relative humidity should be below 80%. The temperature at the storage location should be kept between -15 °C and 40 °C, and the hydraulic pipes should be protected from direct sunlight and water.
  2. If the hydraulic pipe needs to be temporarily stored in the open air, the site must be leveled, the hydraulic pipe should be laid flat, and the upper cover should be covered, and the heavy objects should not be piled up. At the same time, the hydraulic pipe cannot be in contact with the heat source.
  3. When storing the hydraulic pipes, they should be placed according to different specifications. Do not mix and stack, and hang the management card.
  4. When the hydraulic pipe is stored, the two ends of the hydraulic pipe must be tightly sealed to prevent debris from entering the hydraulic pipe.
  5. The hydraulic pipe is stored in a relaxed state as much as possible. Generally, the hydraulic pipe with an inner diameter of 76 mm or less can be stored in coils.
  6. In order to prevent the tube from being compressed and deformed when the hydraulic tube is stored, the stacking should not be too high, and the height should not exceed 1.5m; and the hydraulic tube is often required to “crack down” during storage, not less than once every quarter.
  7. When storing the hydraulic pipe, do not contact with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents or other corrosive liquids or gases, and should be separated from the heat source by 1m.
  8. During the storage of the hydraulic pipe, it is strictly forbidden to stack heavy objects on the pipe body and prevent external crushing and damage.
  9. During the storage of the hydraulic pipe, it should not exceed 2 years, and should be used first before the storeer to prevent the quality of the hydraulic pipe from being affected due to long storage.
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